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Interview mit Hannah McNeil (engl.)

By Susann Krix — Februar 14, 2013

Die Amerikanerin Hannah McNeil beantwortete uns nach ihrem ersten Auftritt in Deutschland, auf der Country Music Messe in Berlin, ein paar Fragen.

An dieser Stelle herzlichen Dank an Denise Kiel für die Organisation!

Weitere Informationen zu Hannah McNeil werden wir euch bald präsentieren!


(CountryHome) Hello Hannah,

we had the chance to get a peek into your new album and we would love to write about it.

Mostly we are happy that you are taking the time to answer a few questions for CountryHome.

Please introduce yourself to your German fans.

(Hannah McNeil) Hi Germany! I’m Hannah McNeil from Nashville, Tennessee.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have songs charted all over the world, and even to #1 in many different countries.  Hopefully Germany will like our music too.  J

(CountryHome) Finally in a few weeks from now your debut album will come out in Germany. In the Netherlands and in Ireland it is already Number 1 in the charts. Does that surprise you that you are that successful in Europe?

(Hannah McNeil) It sorta doesn’t surprise me because Europeans have such great taste in music.  J  I feel really blessed and hope that our music makes a difference in peoples’ lives.  (#1s are just an added benefit.)

(CountryHome) Your single “What am I getting up for” was also very successful. You did this song in cooperation with Jeffrey Steele and Jesse Wray. What inspires you to write new songs?

(Hannah McNeil) Life truly inspires my music.  I am always thinking about what people go through.  I try to write songs that make a difference for people, that inspire people to make a change, be better, or even make a difference in the lives of others.

(CountryHome)  Is there a favourite song of yours on this album? If there is, why this one?

(Hannah McNeil) I guess I have two favorites, “What Am I Getting Up For” because it makes you think about what you do everyday.  Everyday do we do something that gives us purpose?  Are we doing something meaningful everyday?  I also love “I Gotta Leave You For Me” because of the way that people are touched by the song’s message.  We have received thousands of emails and responses from this song.  It has helped so many people and that is the most important thing…the people who are touched by the song, the people who can be helped by it!

(CountryHome) Do you already have songs for a new album?

(Hannah McNeil) As a matter of fact we do have songs for a new album.  It will be released in the States before it makes it’s way to Germany though…but stay tuned!

(CountryHome) You`ve been singing since you were a kid. Do you have an idol? Someone you look up to as a musician?

(Hannah McNeil) I don’t have an idol, nor do I want others to see me that way, we are all just people.  J   I do have many musicians that I admire.  James Taylor, Phil Collins, and Martina McBride are a few I’ve admired through the years.

(CountryHome) Your gig at the Country Music Fair is your first one in Germany, all the way from Nashville to Berlin. Have you had the opportunity to go sightseeing in our Capitol?

(Hannah McNeil) Yes, I did have a chance to do some sightseeing in Berlin!  You will have to check out the highlights video of our trip.  Berlin was so amazing.  There is so much history and culture—and German peeps ROCK!

(CountryHome) We would love to have you again here in Germany this year and to have a concert for your fans here. Are there any plans like this in the future?

(Hannah McNeil) We are getting a tour scheduled.  We will keep you posted as it gets put together.  I had such a great time in Berlin and I would love to give as many autographs and get in as many fan pictures as possible!  Again—we just love Germany!

(CountryHome) Would you like to tell your German fans anything else?

(Hannah McNeil) Ich liebe euch!  I’m super excited to get the opportunity to play for Germany.  I love German people and have gotten to meet so many great Germans already.  Your vibe and urbanity there is great and I can’t wait to get back there very soon.

(CountryHome) Thank you very much for your time

We wish you all the best for the future!

(Hannah McNeil) Thank you so much for your support!  We appreciate it greatly.

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